Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bean Tree

It might look like I am in a forest or someplace cooler than Dallas but no. I just had the camera pointed into the tree making the background look cool. This is the first picture that I took in a new camera format. I formatted my card to my camera allowing for better photos and more pictures per card. You should see an upgrade in the quality of the pictures.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Choir Loft

From the bottom of the seat looking up is much different than from the top looking down. The lights hang down from the ceiling making them look like they are floating. Then the bright colors of the doors in the center of the stage contrast the darker and calmer colors of the rest of the room. It's calm and then you see the giant doors and floating lights.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Three Points

The game might not have been a complete loss. The Longhorns still scored 41 points. The game went back and forth. Texas scored then Maryland did, Texas did then Maryland did this happened almost every drive after halftime. Then on one of the drives that Texas scored a touchdown, they kicked for the extra point. This is what I got from that. An almost kicked ball that was made for the extra one point.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


The defense did their job and stopped this wide receiver. They stopped him so hard that he was thrown off of his feet and into the air. Then we have the over defensive player diving into the mess. He was just short of the first down.Then the next play was fourth down and the Longhorns didn't make it and handed the ball over to the Maryland Terrapins.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Horns Up

At the beginning of what was supposed to be an 85 degree Texas football game, the heat had already made me sweat an insane amount. It was probably close to 100 degrees. I stayed the whole game and had several glasses of water. It was not the best game but I took a few good pictures, like this one. The girl in front of me put her horns up at the beginning of the game. Then I took this picture thinking it would be bad, but I actually like it quite a lot.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Loose Ball

Following the strip by number 4 on the green team, the ball came loose. This is a cool picture because the ball just hit the ground and the guy in white looks like he is holding up number 4. Tomorrow we go all the way down south to Austin to see Texas play Maryland. Even though the score has been announced and we didn't win, it is still going to be cool to reflect.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dew Flower

This flower in an enclosed area outside but it still had dew on it. You might now be able to see the dew but you can see the beautiful flower. It's a gorgeous green and purple that magically changes colors in random places. The color changes work because it's not spots of green and spots of purple, it flows together.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Who's going to get it? This is the beginning of two football games at two different locations. This is the first part. This player in the green slipped and he is trying to get the ball from number seven on the white team. By the title and some of my hints, I think you will know what tomorrows post is going to be.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Miniature Castle

This miniature castle has everything that a minute king would want. Columns to protect against rebelling townspeople and guardsmen. This really is a model of a palace that was made in the late 1800s. This is the last picture before we take off back to Dallas.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Still Fountain

On day two of fountains and water features, this is like a picture I took earlier. Back in the Dallas Arts District, there is a museum that has fountains like this but they are sticking out from a wall. These are cooler because on this I can stop the water. In the other museum, I couldn't. The water was moving too fast. Not this water, it is moving just slow enough for me get this shot.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rock Fountain

The Getty Museum is not only oil paintings from the 1800's, but it's also a museum. It has amazing views, fountains, and obviously oil paintings from the old times. This fountain is cool because of the rock behind it. It has different colors which confuse your mind it confuses mine too. I think that the water has something to do with the changing of color. I have never seen a rock, even rocks in the water, turn yellow. I wonder what caused this rock to turn this weird yellow.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Downtown Distance

In a smaller city, Brentwood, we can see the skyscrapers of its metropolitan area. This is cool, but an object in this picture that I wouldn't get in Dallas is the fog behind it. Behind the buildings is the ocean. In the morning when the cold air goes over the warm water it creates fog that forms over the ocean and along the California Coast. If there was no fog we could probably see all the way to the ocean.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dinner is Served

Here is your dinner, it consists of a lot of apples, three jars, and wine. It sounds like a really filling dinner. This seems like what the Romans would eat when they were alive. The only problem is that it was made in 1892, not between 27 BCE and 1453. He is close-ish, he must have a relationship with the Roman Empire.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Blue Bonnets

These flowers might not be the real blue bonnets, they are Irises, but they sure look like them. This picture, maybe not this exact one, was made in 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh. It looks like some of the pictures I take but in physical form and expressed by hand. I think Vincent was copying me. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Los Angeles Skyline

At the Getty Museum, there is a cafe that overlooks in the very distant distance, Santa Monica. This is the city of Brentwood. The tall buildings are downtown and then way out there is where we stayed. The Getty is the last place I went then back to Dallas I go where I watched two football games and took pictures too.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Olympic Stadium

This was snapped on the last day we were in Los Angeles. It is the site of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. This is also where the Los Angeles Ram and USC football have their home games. The stadium covers 18 acres and can hold 93,600 thousand fans. This is the last few pictures of California before I move back to Dallas.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Flying in dusk

The helicopter might have ruined my perfect sunset picture, but it is cool. The sunset was perfect. The bottom was red and then orange then to the dark night blue, and then the helicopter came in. I don't know if it was watching for sharks or protecting the shores. It must be a really good view from up there.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Night Sunset

This sunset is to the left of the picture but you know that it is there because of the color of the sky and the color on the tree. The sun shines it's color all across the picture. One of the cool things about not shooting at the sun for a sunset picture is shooting at things affected by the sunset. This light pole had the sunset colors onto. It is a night light that has day light on it.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunset Rose

This is the same rose as the picture two days ago but it's pink this time. This rose looks like a sunset. You might think it is too pink but let me tell you why. The pink, yellow, and hints of orange show what a sunset is like. Then just like a sunset, it fades away.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Carnival Pier

It's the one and only, Santa Monica Pier. We went on a walk to dinner one night and went on the pier but I didn't get any pictures. Then on a late afternoon walk, I snapped this picture through the palm trees. It's been there for more than 100 years, built in 1909. It's been there through the storms of '83 and even the collapse of the deck.

Friday, September 08, 2017

White Rose

The sunset in the back lighted these twin roses from the front. The back of the roses faded into a dark white and even into a light black. I didn't remember the sunset being this yellow but I guess my memory isn't as sharp as the picture.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Swaying Trees

These palm tree had a lean into them, they were leaning into the ocean. It might have been from a hurricane offshore or it could have been me tilting my camera. I think it was a hurricane. These trees were also on a cliff, the cliff might be to blame too. Another cool thing about this picture is at the end. The sky goes from a dark blue into a lighter blue and even into a white color.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Trunk to Leaves

The trees grow from the bottom to the top and the tree goes from the trunk to the leaves. The tree goes from the trunk into the palm leaves. While we were in California, the sky's were almost always blue. The tree trunk and the palm tree leaves are completely different from the light blue sky. This tree looks like it is dying, I probably should have cause a tree that wasn't as dead.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017


After a long and curvy forty-five minute drive up a mountain, we made it to a park. From the park was a perfect shot of the Hollywood sign. It has been up for 87 years and the first sixteen of those years it read, Hollywood Land. The H, O, and Y have been restored two times while the others have been restored one time. The first time was because they wanted to resize the letters.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Full Moon

The full moon provided for some new pictures that I have never had before. Not only that but the California palm trees raise the picture to a whole new level. I couldn't focus on the moon but I could focus on the palm tree semi-covering the moon. The brightness of the moon cuts through the dark night and it brightens up the picture.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Down to the Beach

This packed street led me right down to the beach. The packed street and palm trees take your attention everywhere. The left and right of the picture and the cars draw you to the end of the picture where the real surprise is.  The ocean and cliff that is a picture on its own. This is a great picture as we come to my final two days in Southern California.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Final Stage Sunset

This was one of the last pictures of the sunset before it faded away. Luckily the clouds hid the sun. The clouds also gave way to yet again the sun streak. It also helped to show the orange from the sunset. The small openings in the clouds give out amazing bursts of orange and yellow specs in the sky.