Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Into the Mountains

Soon after the trip into the past, I biked up Cozy Point Hill, yet again. From the Snowmass side, once you reach the top, you can either turn around or keep going. This time, I went a bit further than I had during previous rides up the hill. Shortly into this new section of the trail, I found a wide, flat area of land that the trail cut through. I pulled my bike off to the side and waited for someone to bike through. 

The picture that I posted is actually two different pictures that I combined. The first is a long-exposure of the clouds in the sky. If you look at them, they should look less defined, have less structure, and look like they're moving. The second picture is the biker. I froze his motion to give him more structure and to make him look more like a biker and less like a moving blob. But combined, the two parts work very well together and capture my exact idea I had when taking the picture.