Monday, April 26, 2021


Forest Service Road 650

Once again, about twenty feet into the air, there was something magical at that height. You can't quite see over the trees, but you are high enough to see most of the mountains in the background. Forest Service Road 650 seemed like a lightly traveled road that is the only winter-time entrance into the town of Ophir. We parked between the highway and town, far enough from both that we didn't hear the sounds of either. Besides the occasional car coming by every five-ish minutes, the only other sounds we heard were those of the birds. 


Between the Mountains

Still, at an altitude of 1,600 feet above my starting point, I turned the camera around and moved the drone a couple of hundred feet to the north. I wanted to get a little closer to the roads and see if I could notice anything behind the mountain to the right. When I was talking about pictures being blue a long time ago, this is the image that I had in mind. It might be because of the white snow and the darkness in the valleys, but for some reason, the mountainsides are very blue.