Monday, May 31, 2021


East Dallas Sunset

As the sun continued to set, I changed locations yet again. My next stop was Flag Pole Hill, one I know all too well from running. But instead of focusing on the hill, I focused on the road leading to downtown and the sunset. Similar to the picture from two days ago, there was nothing I could do to avoid the sun. So, I made it the main subject of my image. I angled the camera to get the best sun flare possible and positioned the drone so there it created a reflection off the road. These two actions, paired with the colors of the sunset, allowed for a magnificent composition. 

Sunday, May 30, 2021


Humans and Nature

After biking around the lake, I came across one of many docks. This one happened to have a flock of birds in the water across from it. I was a little disappointed when I first took the image, but I like the muted colors more and more. The grass is not green, and the trees don't have leaves on them, but this makes the birds and people stand out more. The water is a weird brown-green color, and I'm sure it's not environmentally healthy, but I think it looks interesting. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021


Blue Skies

My next adventure led me to White Rock Lake, where I was greeted with blue skies and gusty winds. These winds wouldn't have been much of a problem, but I had recently updated the drone and was not accustomed to the new direction-awareness system. This system tells you where the drone is relative to the controller and which direction it is facing. Regardless, I decided to test it out and flew anyways. The next problem was trying to shoot west towards downtown, right where the sun was. I thought about lowering the camera angle and avoiding the sun altogether, but that didn't help. So I figured, might as well include the sun instead of trying to avoid it. 

Friday, May 28, 2021


Winters Night

After adjusting the camera angle from the last image, I was delighted by this sight. I kept the same settings (0.8sec, f2.8, 100 ISO) which allowed for the motion of the cars to show. The sunset portion of the image is a second image that I took minutes before this one. If you don't know, the Dallas North Tollway runs almost directly north-south, and the sun doesn't set in either of those directions. So, about twenty minutes after sunset, I took an image of the colors above the already set sun. Then moments later, I took one of the moving cars. I combined the two, and it turned out like this. 

Thursday, May 27, 2021



This image is one that I have been waiting to post for a while. One night during the Holiday Break, I biked over to the Dallas North Tollway and sent the drone up. It must have been a very calm night, as the drone was steady enough to take a 0.8-second shot. I was surprised when I saw this image since I wasn't expecting a long exposure from the air to work. But now that I know it does in the calmest winds, I will be emulating this image with other subjects. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021



I bet you weren't expecting this post today, but how could I miss such a fascinating event! The day started with a 4:30 alarm, followed by a thirty-minute drive, followed by an introduction to my new favorite park. I had known about the May 26th lunar eclipse for quite a while but couldn't find a place near home but also far from city lights. I settled on Tandy Hills Park, off Interstate 30. The viewing of the eclipse was sporadic, as the clouds decided to invade my photographing of it. How rude! But, there were a few seconds when the clouds broke and provided me with a glimpse of the event. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks the sun's light before it reaches the moon. The timing of this picture is before the total eclipse, which is why the moon looks like a regular crescent. Regardless of the clouds and regular-looking moon, the view from the drone was superb. It is odd for me to post twice a day, but I could not wait to post this taste of the lunar eclipse (the whole eclipse series is coming after the winter drone series). 



As I continued my bike ride south, I noticed this baseball diamond. I have taken a few pictures near the area, but never from a drone. I took this picture a few minutes before 5, which made the shadows long and light soft. Throughout the image, the subjects are cast in different lights. Treetops in a bright orange or green, the baseball diamond and park a soft yellow, the lake a dark black, and the pathways a light gray. It is a unique way to see the park, one that I have never seen before. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Stormy Skies

After a brief break to finish up my school work, I am back! This next series will be nine days straight of drone images I took in Dallas in December and January. After this short series, I will post another series that I have been working on for my school photography. Then following that series, I will begin posting more recent images. 

This image comes from December 19th, 2020, and back when there was still some color on the trees. What I like most about it is the rays of sunlight and how the image's composition splits into three sections. The lower half is of homes, the upper left is downtown, and the upper right is the sun. The original image was relatively dark, but nothing some Photoshop can't fix. 

Friday, May 07, 2021

Cloudy Skies

After taking the last picture, I biked a few miles to the north and found myself near a major road. I chose to stop here because I knew that the road's line would help guide your eyes to the focus of the image, the Dallas skyline. It also happened to be partly cloudy that day, which gave some fascinating sun streaks in the right half of the picture. I never planned to wait for the perfect lighting, but I think this time, the lighting was waiting for me.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Downtown Dallas

Back in Texas, I spent several days flying it and taking pictures of Dallas from above. This first image is looking at downtown Dallas from the northwest. I ended up putting it in black and white because I didn't feel that color added any benefits. There wasn't much color in the sky, and the trees were either brown or pale green. This is eventually a theme I realized while looking over the pictures and am waiting for the days when the trees gain some color and the grass is not brownish-yellow.