Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Maroon Bells

I wanted to start this series with a sunrise because that's what starts a day. This picture started with a 4:00 am alarm to begin the day. As bad as it sounds, once I left the condo, I quickly realized why this would be the best sunrise I have ever seen. The 45-minute drive into Maroon Bells was filled with bobcats on the roads and stars in the sky. Being from a big city, light pollution makes it incredibly difficult to see stars. As much as I wanted to stop and take a few pictures of the stars, I knew I needed to keep driving to make it by sunrise. When I finally arrived, I was immediately met by Maroon Lake and Maroon Peak, and a strong, cold wind (definitely check the weather before you go and if its 46 and windy, bring a pair of pants and a jacket. I wouldn't know this from experience or anything :). Soon, the sun rose and touched the peaks of the mountains, which is when I took this picture. I chose this picture because of the emphasis it has on Maroon Peak. The mountain is lit up by the bright rays of the sun, while the rest of the landscape has yet to awake.